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Pérouges Village Médiéval

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La carte

Hot Starters

Hearts of artichokes with butter and duck liver $21€/$
Chicken liver soufflé $17€/$
Omelet "Pérougienne" with cream and morels $26€/$
Soup of the day $10€/$

Cold Starters

Salad with duck liver $21€/$
Mixed salad with carp smoked filet $19€/$
Duck liver in terrine $25€/$


Lake fish filet butter sauce $25€/$

Meat and poultry

Roasted range chicken from Bresse Area $25€/$
Piece of beef filet grilled with parsley butter $26€/$
Fresh Duck liver with cranberries juice $30€/$
Range chicken from Bresse area with cream and mushrooms $35€/$
Tournedos of beef with cream and morels $35€/$

All the hot dishes are accompanied with gratin Dauphinois
(Green vegetables can be served on your request)


Morels and mushrooms with the cream $21€/$
Salad of season to the nut oil $6€/$
Plate of vegetables $14€/$


Cheeseboard $14€/$
Fresh white cheese with cream $10€/$


Typical Galette of Pérouges (butter, lemon, sugar and fresh cream)
(Made in 1912 by Madame Marie-Louise Thibaut, according to a farming tradition) $7 €/$
Fresh red fruits according to the market $12 €/$
Home made sherbets $12 €/$
Icecream soufflé with orange alcohol $12 €/$
Chocolate Pie $12 €/$
Plate of dessert choice $16 €/$